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11 Important Apartment Essentials You Need For Your First Move

It’s everyone’s dream to build their own apartment, making it as homey and personalized as you wish. However, the process of making your pad the ultimate apartment is no joke.  People often get too excited and get ahead of themselves. 

Our apartment essentials list makes sure you have everything you need to complete the ultimate apartment on your first venture. It’s a comprehensive list that guarantees to cover the essentials without leaving style behind.

Everything on the list is a must-have, don’t move into your new apartment if you miss one of these things. You wouldn’t want to run low on toilet paper when you need it the most, would you?

Mattress and everything that makes your bed

An apartment is not complete without a mattress, it’s the first thing you need to cross off on your list after signing the apartment lease. Hence, their reason why it’s on the top of our checklist.

And this goes without saying, you also need to purchase pillows, mattress pad, and beddings to make your apartment feel like an actual home.

Toolkit for home useapartment tools

Even if you don’t consider yourself as a handyman, you’re still going to need a toolkit that covers the basics, such as a screwdriver and a hammer. 

You’re going to come across a bookshelf or a table that needs fixing, especially during the move itself. Wall hooks and nails come in handy when rearranging your apartment and doing minor renovations, it’s definitely one of the most useful apartment essentials to have.

Don’t come unprepared, there’s nothing more frustrating than stopping dead on your tracks while you’re working your creative magic just to buy these basic household tools.

Step stool for hard-to-reach places

High ceilings and high shelves are the number one enemy of people who lack in height, investing in a step stool easily solves that problem. Buy something light and portable, it helps to have this item around the apartment for good measure.

First-aid kit

In every home a first-aid kit necessary, accidents happen when you least expect it. And when you’re moving big, heavy boxes around your new apartment, there’s a chance you might fall down the stairs — it’s one of the most important apartment essentials on the list.

A first-aid kit prevents your injuries from getting worse, and it allows you to continue with the move when it happens. You can stock ace bandages, Advil, Band-aids for cuts, gauze pads, and cold packs. 

Cleaning materials

You can’t live in a dirty apartment, always pack cleaning materials with you during the move. If you’re a neat freak, you’re bound to spot dirty stains on floors and walls.

Situate your cleaning materials in an accessible area, so you can easily grab your scrub and cleaning solution for a quick scrubbing. 

Coffee table

coffee table and a cup of coffeeHow can you enjoy a hot cup of coffee after a long day of work without a coffee table? A coffee table is almost as important as the coffee itself. You can purchase creative and unique coasters as well to go with the coffee table!


Toilet paper

Imagine running out toilet paper in your apartment? You can never have too many toilet paper in your stash. Make sure to always re-stock as soon as you notice the roll is thinning.

Kitchen essentials 

While it’s true you can always go with paper plates and cups in the first few days of your move, purchasing water glasses and storage containers helps a lot. It reduces your carbon footprint as well. 

It doesn’t hurt to purchase a few kitchen essentials before completing your kitchen appliances. You can start with frying pans, toasters, and coffee makers for your initial buy.

Extension cords

Honestly, extension cords deserve more than what we give them credit for – these are the real heroes in any home. Imagine having to deal with your cellphone’s short charger cord forever? Extension cords make it more convenient for everyone. Also, prepare batteries and power strips in advance as well. Your power utilities are really useful in emergencies. 

Cozy  Couchcouch home essentials

A home is not a home without a cozy couch as a centerpiece, it is one of the most important apartment essentials on the list. There’s no other area in your apartment where you can host movie and pizza nights with your friends and family. Choose a piece of furniture that screams your style while making sure you don’t lose at its functionality.



Custom Print Canvas

And finally, you need an art that highlights who you really are. This could be motivational quotes to give you a daily dose of inspiration together with your morning coffee. Expressed In Print delivers custom-made canvases that allow you to express yourself beautifully in your apartment. It’s a reminder for yourself and it’s a new discovery for the people who visit your apartment.

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