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Birthday Party Planning for Your Child 101 (Ultimate Guide for Beginners)

Planning a birthday party (especially a surprise party) is similar to traveling – the fun part is getting there. Birthday parties involve A LOT of planning. In fact, planning takes more than 50% of the entire event.

You decide on themes, decorations, and fun activities for guests and the celebrant to enjoy. The days prior to the event is the celebration itself. 

There’s no downside in starting the planning stage early, the sooner you start, the better it is. You’ll be able to cover everything you need for the birthday, making sure lapses don’t happen on the big day.

Preparation timeline

Planning should start six weeks before the celebration date. Select a fun theme for the celebrant, make the guest list, and confirm the celebration date with your kid’s best friend. You also need to secure the celebration area.

In four weeks’ time, you need to write out the birthday card invitations. Ask the teacher for the updated class record, games and activities for the celebration, and the food menu.

Send out the invitations, buy birthday goods, create or buy decorations, and see if your manpower is enough. Do this three weeks before your child’s surprise birthday party.

A week before the big event, buy supplies and crafts, and set the schedule of the activities. It’s also the time to call back people who haven’t responded yet.

birthday guest listThe Guest List

Talk to your kid’s best friend before setting the date. It’s best to include everyone in your child’s classroom to avoid hurt feelings. Besides, children’s birthday parties are more fun when everybody in the class joins. 

However, if you’re planning for a small birthday party, then only ask your child’s closest friends to join. This is especially when you’re planning for a sleepover.

Invitation Cards

Send out invites at least three weeks before the celebration. It’s better not to distribute the birthday cards in the classroom even if it’s allowed in the school to avoid jealousy from other students. 

Don’t forget to put in the date, location, time, and attire. For example, if you’re planning to have a pool party, then indicate on the card to bring swimsuits and towels.

Make sure to call guardians and parents that didn’t respond, so you’ll know the number of confirmed guests.

Recruiting Helpers

If you’re inviting the whole class, then you’re bound to need helpers to supervise the event. Get people to help you out with games, drinks, and food. You can ask other parents or hire babysitters to complete your birthday party planning blueprint.


Celebrating the birthday at home gives you an advantage as you already know where to find what. Design the specified area with balloons and birthday streamers to make sure kids don’t stray away. 

The local park is a great place to celebrate birthdays when the weather is warm. However, you need to have a back-up plan on the occasion it rains. Put vibrant sheets on the ground to make the party attractive. 

If you want to make the birthday party extra special, you can always print out a life-sized canvas as part of the entertainment. Custom-made canvas, such as Instagram Frame Props, is a great way to excite both kids and parents to take creative pictures together.

Expressed In Prints delivers high-quality canvases that suit your child’s birthday. These are portable, and you can easily make it a major attraction prop in any location.


Birthday party planning includes food, a lot of sweets. Making or customizing your own birthday cake design makes it memorable for the celebrant. In cases like a child’s birthday party, it’s always best to serve food that’s easy to serve, consume, and clean. 

You can turn simple food into something special with the use of a little creativity. Serve sandwiches in different shapes, like a heart, star, and diamond. These are small gestures that kids greatly appreciate.

Let them design their own cupcake for fun, let them draw smileys, emoji, and shapes. They love to express their artistic side whenever they can.

chocolate eggsActivities

Kids will always be kids, and even though they can be stubborn at times, they always listen to you in a game of Simon Says. Allow them to dance to the beat through Musical Chairs, maybe you’ll discover a dancer in the lot? 

Pin the Tail on the Donkey is always a classical game that makes everyone jump on their seats. Or you can hide in the area, group them into three, and the team with the most eggs win! Children love to participate in games, especially when prizes are involved. 

And lastly, always remember to have fun yourself! After all, birthday planning is already half the celebration. 

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