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Ultimate Gaming Room

5 Steps On How to Build the Ultimate Gaming Room

Building the ultimate gaming room is everyone’s dream, whether you may be a child or an adult. Millennials grew up in a time where the popularity of video games is only starting to rise, which means young adults now are making their childhood dream a reality. 

After a decade of waiting, millennials are finally old enough to purchase and invest in making the ultimate game room. As long as you have the real estate in your house or apartment to turn it into a dedicated room for your hobby, then you’re all set. 

Room Purpose 

You need to decide on the purpose of your modified room before you can go on a shopping spree. There’s a huge difference between a room for guest entertainment and a gaming room for yourself.

Do you want to add video games to the picture? Or is it only for PC games? How about miniature games? Are there comics/manga in the room? Do you want it to build a general entertainment room for friends and family?  

These are factors you need to consider before you can start working on the other stuff.

game room themeTheme

Having a theme sets the barrier between a mediocre gaming space and an ultimate one. It’s a big topic for visitors, and it enhances your gaming room experience tenfold. There are countless of cool-looking rooms you can find online, young adults are dedicating their time into making the perfect man cave, and it’s all over the internet. Really awesome themes starting from Star Trek to a Batcave.

Of course, these are people who are serious about focusing on building their personalized gaming room. You can always use them as a means of inspiration to make your own theme.

Your entertainment room doesn’t have to be a direct reference to a movie or game, you can work around all kinds of shows and video games that interest you. You’ll know you’ve achieved the best gaming room when people walk in and say, “Woah!”


While it may not be at the top of your list when building your ultimate game room, it does play a really big part in the overall look and feel. Good lighting can give you the “WoW” factor on the first look. 

For example, if you’re planning to create a space-themed wall, then you have to stray away from fluorescent lighting. It does not give your star painted room justice at all.

Choose lighting that works with your room’s theme and purpose. If you’re going to play Monopoly and other board games in the room, then bright lighting is perfect. However, if you’re opting to go for a personal movie theater, then dim lights are preferred. 

TV and Electronics

Finally, it’s the time that you’re waiting for – the technology and gadgets. A TV in the room is never a bad idea. There’s no need to purchase on the biggest screen you can find, size doesn’t matter. Match the TV size with the purpose.

If you’re building a PC gaming room, then investing in a theatre-sized TV is unnecessary. However, a monitor that delivers a 4K feature is always a nice touch. 

For movie theaters, going big will work for you. Just make sure the resolution of your movie fits your screen size. Getting an 80-inch TV to only play a 720p movie won’t have the best quality. 

What’s more, think about the sound system. A surround sound always works for a home theater, but if you’re not keen with sound, then you’ll do just fine with a soundbar. 

Soundproofing your game room is ideal for noise houses or if your entertainment space is too loud. The investment for soundproofing doesn’t cost much, and it heightens your game room experience.

Cozy, Nice, and Comfortablegame room

Three things that you should make a priority when building this set-up: functionality, aesthetics, and comfort. Commit to yourself in making sure you finish your mini project, think about the result. 

While we’re all about appearances, it won’t be wise to purchase an awesome-looking gaming chair that puts pressure on your lower back. It’s comfort over style on any day. Invest in comfortable couches, functional gaming chairs, and even a mini-fridge for convenience.

As for the cherry on top, put a custom-made canvas in your room that expresses yourself. Expressed In Print creates tailored canvases of your preferred design in high-quality. 

Tell us what you need, give us instructions on what you want it to look like, and our experienced designers will do the work for you. Give us a call for a free quotation!

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