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Christmas Santa Clause Instagram Prop Face Cutout

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Our Christmas Santa Clause Instagram Prop Face Cutout – Christmas Instagram Prop is a great way to promote your pictures on Instagram or whatever social media frame of your choice. These full color coroplast photo frames will be a big hit at any Christmas parties, corporate events, business promotional events, and more.

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      Standard will be with Picca Prop logo at top, with a message it will be moved left and smaller.

      (max file size 200 MB)

      Note this is rush production on our side, no shipping.

      This is not a guaranteed date but a date we can know to advise if there is any issues with your delivery date.

      Estimated Ready Date:
      Cut off time 11 AM. Eastern. Estimated ready date 07/23/2024 Please note estimated time does not include proofs, extra options or delays.


      Our Christmas Santa Clause Instagram Prop Face Cutout – Christmas Instagram Prop is a great way to promote your pictures on Instagram or whatever social media frame of your choice. These full color coroplast photo frames will be a big hit at any Christmas parties, corporate events, business promotional events, and more. We will make a custom social media frame for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

      Printed full color on white 4mm coroplast with cut out middle viewing area. They are shipped in half size as they are scored on the back side and held together with coroplast adhesive strips once ready for use. Adding these strips on the back actually make it more sturdy than others who just give the frame. These boards are great for all photos with a matte frame so there is no flash.

      ◄ ◄◄ We customize ►►►

      We customize these frames for free with your hashtags, logos, picture, messages, likes, followers, time (if specific), location and screen names.

      Custom artwork/ layouts can be made for an additional fee.


      ◄ ◄◄ Sizes ►►►

      Size: 24×36″ (shipped as 24×18″ scored in half with back adhesive supports). Fits 1 people per frame.

      More people may be able to fit per frame but above is a comfortable fit for adults.

      ◄ ◄◄ About Material ►►►

      4mm coroplast which is a lightweight durable plastic material. It can be used indoors and outdoors and the material, full color UV direct to the board and inks are weather resistant. Unlike some other stores, we do not use foam which can get damaged easy and typically ships uncut which means you have to struggle with it and hope to cut straight. The way we have designed our frames they are much more durable than everyone else’s.

      ◄ ◄◄ Imprint ►►►

      Full color UV direct, which means there will be very little, to no glare when taking photos.

      See our video product review here:

      ◄ ◄◄ How to order ►►►

      Send the following items below in your order notes section during checkout exactly as shown.

      In separate message (after checkout click contact) and attach your logo or photo, attach button bottom right of message box:

      Screen name:
      Time (example 1hrs, now, 2 days):
      Amount of likes:
      Location (if applicable):
      Want a custom color or header just let us know:

      In hands date: If you have a specific date that is quicker than 8 days please contact us if you’re not sure on the date.

      Orders not approved within 5 days will be automatically moved to production.

      In hands date does not mean we will produce by that date but we will advise you upon receiving the order if there will be an additional charge $10-$40 plus rush shipping if needed. We will also be able to keep better track of the order to make sure it reaches on time. We have a proper system that helps keep both of us on track.

      It is important that you include all details needed so that we can send your proof on time and not go back and forth for details. Proofs will be sent via email only, please make sure to check your email for our proof. Failure to approve your proofs on time will delay your order.

      Any cancellations will incur fees, if proof has been approved no cancellations can be accepted.

      If you would like a custom header please submit this with your order or we will use our standard PiccaProp for Instagram logo.

      ◄ ◄◄ FAST Turnaround ►►►

      2 days for 1st proof and 2-4 days production time after proof has been approved unless a delay is on our end. Time starts on orders placed before 12 PM Est. time or will be considered following day, excludes weekends and holidays. 1,2,3 day rush times available with guaranteed ship dates.

      1 free proof is included, additional proofs/changes will be billed prior to shipping at $10 per proof.

      If you have an in hands date please submit this in your order so we can make note of this and advise you if there will be any issues. Any failure to do this may incur additional fees to meet your date.

      These frames are shipped via USPS and arrive within 1-3 days depending on your location.

      ◄ ◄◄ Frequently Asked Questions ►►►

      Q: Can I send you emojis?
      A: Yes but we can only accept them in two ways. If you send them to us as regular text, on our end they get changed to a font which means it will only be one color (black) and lose all the details. If you want to use the regular looking emojis we need them saved as an image and in your message include where it should be inserted. Use this site to create the images and send the link or save it and send it to me.

      Q: Can you do custom colors?
      A: Yes we can design any frames and shapes. We are a full sign shop so we can do virtually any shape and size.

      Q: How do you ship these? I have received damaged ones before.
      A: The cutout will be scored in the middle and folded in half for safer and cheaper shipping and will include two plastic strips with adhesive to reinforce the sides, you won’t even notice it was folded, it also makes it more stable. We double reinforce our boxes and include long corner protectors on our bigger frames to avoid folding in half from careless drivers.

      Q: Will I receive a tracking number?
      A: Yes once your order ships you will receive your tracking.

      Q: How durable is a Social Cutout?
      A: Our cutouts are pretty durable as long as you take care of them. Our frames are more durable than most due to the way we have designed the frame to be put together. We do offer a harder thicker coroplast if you think it will get really thrown around like at a concert.

      Q: Is it waterproof?
      A: Yes it can get wet and clean off cleanly with soap and water.

      Q: Can I come to pick it up?
      A: Yes, you can pick up at our location in Miami, FL

      Q: I want the Instagram logo at the top? Can you put it there?
      A: No, Instagram has asked us to remove their logo from our products but we can use our PiccaProp for Instagram logo so it still says Instagram.

      Q: Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?
      A: Yes, contact us for bulk pricing!

      As per the agreement with Instagram, we are not allowed to use the name Instagram alone or Insta at the top. We can use out PiccaProp for Instagram logo, remove it or put whatever text you like except Instagram. If you would like it removed please mention it in your artwork instructions. This product is not affiliated/endorsed by Instagram.

      Only rush orders are guaranteed to ship on time but we do strive to keep on time so please advise of any in hands dates.



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      Weight 4 lbs
      Dimensions 38 × 20 × 2 in
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