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5 Major Tips for Decorating a Teenager’s Bedroom
teenager bedroom a teen girl using her phone on bed

5 Major Tips for Decorating a Teenager’s Bedroom

Are you looking to build or decorate a room for you teenager? Is the toddler growing up and growing old of the “kiddy” colors in his or her room? It would be a warm and tender feeling to be able to build the room the teenager wants and be appreciated for it. But how do you decorate a teenager’s bedroom? Whilst teenagers might be different from one another, here are 5 tips for decorating a teenager’s bedroom to their liking!

  • Choose a Great Bedroom Color Palette

Large or small bedroom ideas go far and you can’t go wrong when starting with the color palette. Here are a few suggestions:

Navy Blue and White Combination

navy blue bedroom

This teenager’s bedroom design is very pleasing to the eyes. It’s so good that every other age group will appreciate how clean the colors are and how good they match. White mixes well with almost every color. The technique here is to keep the variety of colors to a maximum of three!


Apart from white, there should be an equal amount of navy or dark blue to match. You can have a little bit of gray sprinkled around the room. This may be in the form of lamps, pillows, or whatever trinkets or pieces of rugs and bedroom furniture you may have. 

Pink and Teal

pink and teal bedroom

At first glance, you might think that this decor theme is for the teenage girl’s bedroom. Well, it doesn’t have to be! Replacing the pink with red or blue, or any of their close cousins, do wonders for this set-up.

Gamer’s Bedroom

Eat Sleep Game Repeat Controllers - Video Game Decal - Gaming Accessories - Cool Gifts For Teen Boys - PS4 - XBox Controller Wall Decal

In contrast to the prior color palette, at first glance, you’d think that this gamer’s bedroom theme is definitely for the boys only. However, it isn’t. Gamer girls are prolific all around the world. Thus, don’t cut them off too quickly! Lots of girls would also appreciate this kind of a room as much as guys, especially game streamers!


Rather than using paint to form the color palette, we advise using LED lights and a lot of them! Typical, people place the LED lights on the computer desk, behind the monitor, under the bed, or anywhere around the room.

  • The Best Types Of Furniture To Use

Furniture isn’t always seen as “decorations.” They’re mostly seen as essentials or needs rather than something used to beautify. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case. Here are pieces of furniture we suggest you use if you want something that is both useful and beautiful for a teenager’s bedroom.

Study Table

This is perhaps the easiest to recommend. As teenagers, there should be a lot of studying going on. Thus, rather than studying on the bed, getting neck pain, and falling asleep during a reading session, why not get your teen a study table where they can really focus and study earnestly. Not only will this improve focus, but studying on a dedicated table allows for better posture in contrast to being hunched over all the time in bed.


Apart from this, a table is a great way to declutter. Imagine not having a desk in your room. This would mean that random things would be scattered all over the room. With a desk, it encourages the room owner to be more organized and neat with their belongings. An organized room is a beautiful room.


Lounge Chairs or Couches

If space allows, an area to lounge is something a teenager will definitely appreciate. You can’t go wrong with this choice. Let’s face it, they are still growing and they just want to have fun. Teenagers are not going to be working 24/7. Thus, giving them a place where they can just relax, read a book, be themselves, listen to music, and play their games will lead to their happiness. You may also substitute these for bean bags. That’ll be a great cheaper alternative.


Creative Bunk Beds

Bunk beds save a lot of space. This is especially useful if many teens are sharing the same room. Some bunk beds even have a creative twist to them. A bed on top and a study table on the bottom. This means that you save a lot of space in the room for every other piece of furniture. Also, Ikea furniture beds have a lot of good options. 

  • Symmetrical Bedroom Design

When we look at something that is symmetrical, our brains automatically equate it to order. Order in the bedroom happens when everything is in its place and it all just looks right. Typically, bedrooms are rectangles. It is a good idea to draw out the outcome before filling the room up. However, if you want to dive right in, it’s a good tip to decorate everything around the centerpiece. Typically, this would be the bed.


If you choose to put the bed beside the wall, make sure the bed frame is touching the wall. If you choose to put the bed in the center, measure the width of the entire room and the bedframe. Proceed to align the bed right in the middle of the two measurements.

  • Organize with purpose

This may be a thing the teenager has to learn over time. It isn’t uncommon for kids at this age to have a disorganized or unkempt room. However, it is a lesson worth learning.

Everything must have a place

Whether it may be toys, gadgets, hygiene items, or clothes, everything must have its own place. If not, purchase a storage bin specifically for these items. Categorize your belongings into these categories:


  • Important but not used daily
  • Important and used daily
  • Not important and not used daily


Throw away or sell the things that are not important or are of use anymore. You’d be amazed at how much this affects the appearance of the room. Next, stow away the things that are important but not used daily. Place them in the attic, a closet, under the bed, or wherever they are out of sight.


For the items the teenager would use daily like perfume, deodorant, combs, pens, and paper, store them neatly on a desk or shelf that is easy to access. Then, enforce the habit of returning when it is done being used. You won’t always have to organize if nothing is disorganized in the first place. Once that habit is built, you’ll have no problems organizing the room.


 If you want to take organization to another level, purchase a label maker. Give each bin its own name or designation. This way, you’ll never confuse storage bins or drawers from each other.

  • Clean regularly

Cleanliness is an extension of organization. A huge portion of organization is decluttering. Thus, heed the prior tip. Apart from this, always make sure that rugs and carpets are maintained accordingly. Dust build-up is common on huge carpets, mats, and rags and can be harmful to those living in the room. Vacuum these regularly and sweep the floor as needed. 


A clean and organized room is a decoration unto itself. 


Bonus Tips For Decorating A Teenager’s Bedroom:

  1. Accentuate the teenager’s personality, How?
    1. If he/she likes sports,
      1. put up posters, winning trophies, flags
      2. The room’s color palette should reflect the teen’s favorite sports team
    2. If he/she likes games,
      1. Create an “edgy” room
    3. If he/she is into art,
      1. Put up their creations on the wall
      2. Decorate the room with their art
      3. Put up inspirational quotes around the room, whether through posters or paint


  1. Buy lots of books

Learning never stops and if books are easily accessible, the higher the chance that they will be picked up and read.


  • What can I do if the teenager did not like my choice of wall paint?


If you’d rather not repaint the entire room, add wallpaper. It also helps to be direct, at this point, and ask the teens what exactly they want. It is even advisable if they choose it for themselves or go shopping with you.


  • I want to decorate the room using his/her favorite sports team but I know nothing about sports. What can I do?


Catch him or her talking or watching about sports. Listen or watch intently as most likely, the teenager will mention their favorite sports team. You can then browse the internet for facts about these teams or at least the color palette of the team. This shouldn’t be at all hard to find. Then, all that’s left is to decorate accordingly.


  • My teenager is a gamer but I can’t afford the things they are asking for. How can I decorate the room the way they like it.


Find cheap LED strips. This shouldn’t be hard to find at all and they are relatively inexpensive. Search your local hardware store or computer shop. One of them is bound to have LED strips. These strips typically have a double-sided adhesive to them. Detach one side and stick them to areas that are dark. Some good spots would be:


  • Behind a cabinet
  • Under a drawer
  • Behind the monitor of the PC
  • Behind or under the desk of the PC
  • Under the bed
  • Any crevices where it is still possible to reach a power source


If this seems difficult, search YouTube for tutorials on how to do this. Trust me, it only seems harder than it actually is.


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