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5 Reasons Why Writing Thank You Notes Are Important

Technology is making everyone forget about the good old fashion way of showing gratitude to friends and family. While it’s true that everyone is simply one message away from Facebook Messenger, thanking someone in the traditional way is a way where you can connect with your loved ones in a more sentimental level.

In addition, it improves your overall health and well-being – yes, it’s scientifically proven! Nothing beats handwritten notes when it comes to showing gratitude and appreciation. It definitely shows more of an effort compared to a quick text message.

Business transactions, personal e-mails, and even marketing ad campaigns are sent using the internet. However, there’s an unrivaled joy you experience when you read an actual, handwritten thank you letter from someone close to you.


Enhances Mood

Thank you notes, as simple and easy as they are to make, have the capacity to improve mood. It’s no rocket science if we divert our focus on being thankful instead of what we don’t have, life would be easier. 

Practicing gratitude is self-promoting, and you’ll eventually get used to the practice, making it easier for you to be thankful for what you have.

Often times, we forget about giving value to the little things. Writing thank-you notes regularly enables you to see those things, making you a more positive person.

It makes you happy, allowing you to have happier and healthier well-being. And it ultimately decreases depression and anxiety.

physical healthImproves Physical Health 

It does not only do a lot of good for your emotional and mental health, but it surprisingly helps your physical health as well. 

There was a study conducted in 2013 which showed the relevance between gratitude and health. The result of the research study proved that people who are more open to express gratitude are healthier than those who don’t.

Three years later, another study was conducted in 2016, and it shows that patients with heart diseases have a higher chance of surviving if they kept a gratitude journal. The gratitude effect reduces heart inflammation.

People who are grateful also make healthier and better choices in life. They’re more active in health-oriented activities and they stray away from vices. 

Makes You Stand Out

5 Reasons Why Writing Thank You Notes Are Important 1This is for those who are applying for jobs or anything who are in similar situations. Notes are important in making an impression these days, especially since everyone is opting for the digital method. 

If you were to send out an mail to an employer, telling them how thankful you are you got a chance to meet with them, chances are they wouldn’t’ remember you. 

Employers receive hundreds of e-mails from applicants every single day, how could they spot your e-mail when it’s just like with every other e-mail they have in their inbox? 

Writing them a letter is a different case. It surprises them on how conventional you are with your approach, making you stand out from the crowd. Your chances of getting noticed are higher than shooting them a quick thank you mail.

Nurtures Connection

5 Reasons Why Writing Thank You Notes Are Important 2

Everyone’s connected all the time thanks to the internet. However, it’s also the reason why we’re so disconnected from everyone else. In other words, technology may be ruining the essence of true relationships.

The proven way of nurturing and building a real relationship is by expressing gratitude. You can easily send them a quick thank you text on Facebook or via e-mail. However, it doesn’t show how much you actually care for the person. Simply because everyone is doing it. 

A handwritten thank you note is different. It gives you that genuine vibration, sincerity, and gratitude that are needed to foster a relationship with your loved one.

notesIt’s Our Culture

The younger folks may not remember this, but handwritten notes were how people communicate with each other. Most of you probably remembered how high school sweethearts were made back in the day – yup, through handwritten letters. 

Writing is the most used means of communication for hundreds of years. There’s no machinery that blocks you from expressing what you truly feel. 

Writing means your practicing our tradition, and it gives you a sense of unexplainable fulfillment.


5 Reasons Why Writing Thank You Notes Are Important 3

Expressed In Prints helps you with expressing your thoughts and gratitude to your loved ones. We provide high-quality prints, so you can show how much you truly appreciate what they’ve done for you. 

Show how much you care by sending them one of our gigantic “Thank you” card, it’ll make their day EXTRA special through your kind and creative gesture. 

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