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Instagram Frame Props – The ultimate selfie photo booth prop for Instagram
Facebook photo prop 24x36 and 42x42 Instagram Frame Props - The ultimate selfie photo booth prop for Instagram

Instagram Frame Props – The ultimate selfie photo booth prop for Instagram

Instagram Frame PropsExpressed In Prints is offering some of the highest quality Instagram Frame Props available on the market for the perfect selfie or photo booth.

PiccaProp is what we call our brand which is a lightweight Customized Instagram frame props cutout that offers the ultimate in frame photo opportunities. These beautifully designed custom photo frame prop made for the consumer gets the perfect product every time. Our custom social media selfie frame is printed on thick coroplast material to provide a resilient and long-lasting prop. Other companies offer a similar product but they pale in comparison to the versatility and customization offered by ExpressedinPrint products. For an extra special gift that is guaranteed to please, make sure quality Instagram frame Props are your first choice.

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What makes our Instagram photo booth frame so much better?

  • High level of customization
  • Include your social media name, a caption with or without tags, unique post times, custom number of likes, and location
  • Ability to change the heading at the top from PiccaPrint for Instagram to a phrase of your choosing
  • Ability to rush production
  • Great for getting an Instagram frame props before a special event
  • Ability to order proofs with purchase
  • Large sizes (24”x36”, 36”x36”, 28”x40” and up to 48×48″)
  • Scored down the middle and shipped folded to prevent damage in transit

instagram frame prop

Instagram frame prop DIY

There are many blogs and articles on Instagram frame DIY on the internet. You can take help from there and make your own social media photo prop using Cardboard, Glitter, paint, and colors, Glue, Ruler, stapler and scissors. But you might be able to get the clarity or cleanliness in the Instagram selfie frame you make. You might have to invest quite a sum of money and efforts.
Instead of investing your money and efforts in making these selfie frame prop by hand and not be satisfied with the results, you can get custom Instagram selfie made by Expressed In Prints at the best rates. You do not have to put in any efforts and you can select options from our wide range.

The Correct Way to use Social Media Frames

There is no wrong way to use an Instagram photo prop! No matter how many ways you can imagine using, there are at least a hundred more whether you’re looking for an Instagram frame cutout or even Twitter Props. These photo props can be used at any number of parties or special events, including but not limited to weddings, graduations, to play pranks on friends, proposals, getting promoted, corporate parties, welcoming home parties, and many more. Imagination is the only limiting factor! Besides the basic party photo frame, also offers different style cutouts and themed designs. For a child’s birthday, one could order a knight-themed party photo frame so the kids can all have their pictures taken as a heroic knight in shining armor. This is guaranteed to please both the kids and the parents and make the party unforgettable. ExpressedinPrint also offers a clown theme with cutouts for the face above the clown’s body. This makes a great photo and can also be used as a very funny prank!

Wedding Instagram Cutout

There’s no better way to commemorate a special experience like a wedding than with a picture together in an Instagram photo prop. Using these Instagram frame props, couples can immortalize the moment and fondly look back many years later. It is also a cute way for couples to propose to each other! Imagine going to a nice dinner or night out and asking to take a picture together only to surprise her with an exciting display of affection. Your bride-to-be will be swept off her feet! Whether the wedding Instagram cutout is a gift from the groomsmen to the groom, from the bridesmaids to the bride, or from bride to groom, it is definitely a sentimental gift that will make the event even more special. The new family can keep the prop for many years because it is made out of such durable material and they will have a unique piece of memorabilia they can brag to their friends about.

Facebook photo propWhy buy Instagram frame?

Purchasing an Instagram photo prop frame will be sure to make you popular among your friends. Everyone will be jealous of an idea this creative and they will be sure to praise you for it. Nobody will admit it, but taking the same cliché pictures gets old after a while. Using these special party photo frames, you can expect to wow everyone and renew their interest in taking pictures! Because of its incredible functionality and huge novelty, Instagram frames make the perfect gift for anybody.

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Expressed In Prints is a company of innovators who are making party photo frames widely available to the public. The high-quality product is sure to make you famous among the people you surprise with it! The coroplast has a matte finish around the frame so there is no distracting glare when taking pictures. This makes setting up for a photo very easy and eliminates the need for multiple retakes to find the right shot. Expressed In Prints is so sure of it product that it offers a money-back guarantee.

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Instagram and social media cut out gallery

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