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Kids’ Playroom Concepts: 8 Tips To Create The Best Playroom

While it’s true that playrooms are intentionally for kids, the process of making one is undeniably fun for adults. If there’s anything that all parents agree, it’s that playrooms are fun projects. 

As a matter of fact, this is one of those parental milestones you need to cross. Playrooms are where your kids will spend their time to play and learn. 

In other words, it’s your duty as a parent to nail down the design, games, and tools in the area. Functionality is the most important part of this task, and it’s definitely not an easy one to achieve. 

We spent days to come up with playroom ideas you can use for your home. Use these concepts to make your own creative spin for the perfect playroom for your kids.

Activity area

Kids just love to jump from one thing to another in fast lightning speed, only to say they’re bored after a few minutes of trying out different activities. 

A playroom makes sure your kids don’t get bored through strategic design. The area should give your child subtle hints on what to do next to keep their minds preoccupied and productive.

If possible, divide the playroom into different areas. For example, the corner of the room could be a reading station where your child can find books about dinosaurs and rocks. 

Also, you could have arts and crafts are as well. Designate a table with paper, watercolors, crayons, and other art materials for your child to use. 

Make sure these things are within your child’s reach, it encourages them to return the belonging back to its original spot and allows them to focus on creating and learning. 

Storage spacesbookshelves

One thing you need to keep in mind when thinking of playroom concepts, it is storage spaces. Kids have the tendency to hoard things, especially when they find it attractive. So that’s basically anything colorful and shiny. 

When designing a playroom, consider the storage spaces. In this way, the room remains organized and orderly despite the number of toys in the room. As a bonus, it looks like it’s part of the design concept.

If your child is into reading, then consider investing in bookshelves. On the other hand, if your little one is into drawing and painting, you need art supply containers and tables with drawers. 

Color animation

Remember when I said kids love anything colorful and shiny? It’s not only for toys, but it’s also the same with room color. You should never make your child’s playroom appear bland, it won’t make your child love it!

Save yourself the time and trouble, and just paint the playroom with something vibrant. Mix different colors by buying vibrant blankets, pillows, rugs, and tables and chairs.  

Dress-Up area

Regardless of gender, kids love to play dress-up. If you have the real estate in your playroom to transform a corner into a dress-up area, then, by all means, have a go at it. It’s one of the most creative playroom concepts you can have a go at.

Purchase a full-length mirror for the area, and make sure it has enough space to store for your child’s clothes, including hats, shoes, and other accessories.

Blackboard Wall

Kids have an unending imagination running on their heads every day, and there’s no better way to encourage their imaginations than by providing them a huge canvas where they draw to express — it needs to be present in all playroom concepts. 

The playroom walls should be different from other rooms in the house. Have you caught your child doodling on the walls before? Well, let them draw whatever they want with no restraints on the blackboard wall!

It saves you the time and effort of cleaning up their messes, and you can see their masterpiece displayed gloriously on the playroom wall. 

Indoor Swings

Kids are hard to pull out of the playground as soon as they start playing with their friends on the swing. Thankfully, indoor swings are now a thing for homes with kids, making it one of the most sought-after playroom concepts for kids.

It lets your child play with the swing safely inside your house and under your supervision. To avoid accidents from happening, place the swing close to the floor. And add comfortable rugs for good measure.

Keep It Real

There’s no need to stress over the details of your child’s playroom too much. While it’s an important task, the best thing you could do is get started. 

Start with the essentials, and you can add the other things later on. Listen to what your child has to stay, and then think of ways on how you can improve.

canvas Creative Canvases

You need to motivate your child as early as possible, and there’s no better way to do that than by hanging a huge canvas on the playroom’s wall with words to live by. 

Expressed In Prints can print your child’s favorite animals or cartoon characters to add to the room’s design. Choose different sizes – you can make it a large decal to cover the room or a small one to complement the existing design. We’ll help you layout the best playroom concepts for your home.

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