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Large USA and World Maps with push pins
il 570xN.1092585886 gzqx Large USA and World Maps with push pins

Large USA and World Maps with push pins

big usa map with push pins
Big usa map with push pins

Our large maps with push pins makes a perfect gift for a world traveler, a business person or just to track your locations in your normal activities. It beautifully features the whole of the United States on a colored state view for an excellent travel map or you can get our big world map with push pins versio. It gives anyone a clear map to do a world map poster art any way they desire.

Print quality
It is a full color designed large USA map printed on a thick 10mm poster paper to ensure durability even for regular use and to offer a perfect map that can be laid flat for planning. We also have a framed version available that is ready for pinning. This USA map with push pins is printed on a high-resolution digital press for a quality product you can use for any purpose even for very small details on the map. You have the freedom to tack this world map on the wall, frame it, tape it or even mount it to a foam board with adhesive sprays to make it easy to pin makers and play with the map as you desire. Framing options for this travel map are coming soon.

Sizes and pin colors
This wonderful world map print is available four sizes: 18 by 24 inches, 24 by 36 inches, 32 by 48 inches, and 48 by 72 inches to suit every person’s needs, space availability, and budget. With this product, you also get 100 map push pins measuring � inches with a 4mm round head. These are available in 11 color options for a colorful range of push pins location marker to help you and others understand the patterns on the map in your favorite color. You also get one flag shape to serve as the primary marker available in a random color opposite the push pins color. The available pin color options are a multi-color pack, orange, purple, lime green, dark green, bright red, sky blue, dark blue, yellow, white, and black.

Usage ideas of our printed world map.

large world map with push pins
Large world map with push pins

Wedding ideas: this United States DIY map is very resourceful in planning for a wedding. Your guests can pin where they come from making it excellent or destination weddings. It makes for a beautiful guest book to show you where each guest came from around the United States. And if you are planning a honeymoon, there is no better way to let your guests pick where you should go during a honeymoon pinning game.

World traveler: with this world traveler push pin map, you can now pin places you have visited and those in your wish list. It makes for a great travel planning board spreading your tour on a DIY world map on your wall or flat on the table. As a business dealing with travel, you can use this map to help clients pick destinations and to mark the most visited locations per season to help the clients decide where to visit.

Business: every business would like to know where their customers come from. With this world map poster art, it is very easy to chart your customers on a map to see where your new sales come from at a glance. And to take it further, you can pin where your employees come from using this print world map to help you understand them better and for heritage purposes. This large USA map is excellent for a restaurant, store or hotel to help them pin where their clients come from to help with expansion strategies and to offer the clients cuisines that appeal to their regional palates.

il 570xN.1093073736 4zg6 1 Large USA and World Maps with push pinsHow to order
From the drop-down list, you can simply pick your preferred travel map size, pin color then proceeds to checkout. Your order then goes into production and within 2-4 business days and 1-3 shipping days via UPS, your world map will arrive at your given address. All the prints are made to order, however, if you want a custom United States DIY Map with additions like a family name or business logo, you just need to add a $10 setup fee. You need to approve any design before it goes to print and any additional changes to the design and shipping schedules will incur you extra fees. If we make any mistake, we can reprint the US map with pins and ship it right to you, however, if the mistake is on the client, the client bears all the additional costs.

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