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Must Have Essentials For A Solo Trip
solo trip Must Have Essentials For A Solo Trip

Must Have Essentials For A Solo Trip

If you have recently started getting inclined towards traveling, a solo trip must be your top priority. Solo trip is no doubt a good idea of spending some time alone at a nice and soothing place but you should be familiar with some essentials.

solo trip essentials

You must consider your safety when you decide to go on a solo trip, especially if you are a female. All you have to do is take a bit more precautions so that nobody can harm you in any way or you are not stranded in a foreign land. Do not worry, as in this blog we will talk about some must-have essentials for your solo trip.

1. Hidden Money belt

When you travel solo, always consider keeping some extra cash with you for any emergency. The best way to do it is to use a money belt. This belt hides easily under your clothes and thus your money is safe and out of the reach of people.

2. Necessary Medical Details

Consider you faint on the road with no companion around you and the passers-by take you to a hospital. That is when your medical details will help you. The doctor can easily know of your past medical history and treat you in a better way.

3. First-Aid

Safety comes first. And thus, never forget to carry a first aid kit with you. Keep all your necessary medicines, painkillers, band-aids and more in it. You will be the only person to take care of yourself on this solo trip. Thus always keep your health as a priority.

solo trip

4. Plastic Bags

Plastic bags help in a lot many ways. Instead of keeping your small items here and there in your backpack and then later finding them, keep them in separate plastic bags. You can also prevent your toiletries from spilling all over your luggage by keeping it in a plastic bag.

5. A Small Tote Bag

This bag will help you keep the items that are needed on a daily basis such as a sipper, first aid kit, an extra pair of clothes, binoculars, and anything you consider keeping handy.

6. Portable Charger Or A Power Bank

While traveling, you obviously will carry a camera or a mobile phone at least. But what if you suddenly get a chance to capture a beautiful sunset and the battery goes off? That time, your portable charger will be of great help to you. This is just an example, cases, where it will be used, are endless.

7. Traveler Map

You can just not afford to forget a traveler map for the destination you are headed to. The map will help as a guide in a completely new place. You can use this map to remember the places that are still to be left. If you are lost, you can easily get back on track with the help of a map. A great way to mark all these travels is with our push pin wall maps.

traveler map


8. Headlamp

If you plan to have an adventurous stroll at night, do not forget to carry a headlamp to protect you from any unwanted harm. If your trip involves a trek, you yourself can gauge the necessity of a headlamp.

These are some must-have items in your backpack on a solo trip. Therefore, do not forget to carry these and have a carefree and happy solo trip!!

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