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Oversized and Giant Checks
big check Oversized and Giant Checks

Oversized and Giant Checks

Are you the sponsor of any sports event and planning to give checks to the players? Oversized checks make you stand out and give you a recognition!!

An oversized check is a symbol for a commercial award and is used at events to give recognition to an outstanding performer or achiever.

Oversized checks come in various standard sizes. Expressed In Prints lets you customize it to any size desired. The design is customized with the donor’s logo, the date issued, the amount given, the recipient’s name, a signature, and a routing number, all similar to a standard check. With dry erase lamination, you can get a reusable check made. Big checks help in making an event memorable along with generating publicity and creating brand awareness. These can be used for giving awards to contest winners, lottery winners and for business promotion events.oversized checks

If you are taking part in any fundraising event, award night, political campaigns or any donation event, dry erase giant checks can be perfect erasing tools. These checks are a great way of declaring any donations and are good for advertisement and publicity. Giant Check is used in different fields like:

  • Corporate awards
  • Grand openings
  • Employee rewards
  • Political campaigns
  • Awards
  • Sports events
  • Sales bonuses, and more.
Not only for the professional purpose, oversized checks can also be used for personal and family events like birthday jokes, wedding gifts, graduation gifts, or fun gift check.

How to make your oversized checks last long

  1. Keep your checks horizontally on a flat surface when not using it.
  2. You a good quality ammonia free window cleaner or board cleaner to clean the check surface.
  3. Use a wet cloth to clean your check more perfectly.
  4. Wipe your check with a soft lint-free duster or cloth to keep the surface clean always.
Many advertising and marketing firms always recommend using giant checks because they give you a unique identity.giant checks

Many people present the giant checks to the recipient but do now want them to keep it with them. In such a case, you can get your giant check printed from dry/erase coating as it is a reusable material. Thus, you can use it as often as possible. You can write on such checks from any board marker and erase it thereafter.

When you are giving away any prize money or award, you will want it to get noticed in press pictures. Oversized and giant checks can get you noticed in the media and enhance your publicity steps.

The Best Time To Use Oversized Checks

If you take part in events on a regular basis and present checks multiple times, oversized checks can be a perfect option for you. These checks are covered with a laminate sheet that gives it a glossy look. And hence whatever is printed on it remains intact until the next use. You can later use liquid chalk markers to clean the check.

Customisation options for Giant Checks

You can fill out the form given on our website and give us the details you want to be printed on the check.

You can decide what will be printed on the giant checks. Choose from a variety of options like;

  • Address
  • Date
  • The amount you are awarding
  • Account number
  • Date of check issue
  • Routing number
  • Check Number
  • Custom text and border colors
  • Authority signature

Expressed In Prints can include any other detail also you want to have on your check.

oversized checks for sports events

How can you benefit by using Giant Checks

Best advertising tool

Doesn’t matter you have a small or a large company, a good advertisement is needed by all. Large Checks are a good way for your brand publicity. If you are looking for ways to get the attention of local media and newspapers, presenting oversized checks can do that for you. This way, more people will know about your brand through media and hence you may get more clients.

Encourages your employees

Motivate and encourage your hardworking employees by presenting them attractive giant checks for giving bonus, rewards or any other award. In your company sports events, you can present awards to the winners in the form of these giant custom checks.

Leave a remarkable impression

Wherever event you are going to, leave a remarkable impression on everyone by giving oversized checks. It enhances your brand image in front of everyone present at the event. Giving custom checks with your logo and colors on it will help people remember you for a long time.

If you are looking forward to getting an oversized check made at affordable rates, contact Expressed In Prints at (888) 228-4521 (Monday to Friday 10 AM to 6 PM ). You can send us an email at for any query on Saturday.


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