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13 Ways To Prepare Your Home Before A Vacation

Leaving your home for vacation calls for a lot of preparation. You’re leaving your house, which means you’re leaving half of your life behind. All of your belongings, memorabilia, and appliances are inside your home. Before you pack your suitcase, make sure to do these 14 steps.

Notify your alarm company

Tell your contracted alarm company you’ll be out of town for a few days (or weeks). This makes sure as soon as the alarm goes off, police officers are instantly dispatched to your home. In addition, leave a local contact person in case anything happens, do this especially when you’re out of the country. 

Open closet doors

If your house doesn’t have central heating, you might want to consider opening the doors of your closets. If air is restricted around your house, it has the tendency to have a musty aroma.

Clean-up the garbage disposal

The garbage disposal is part of keeping the kitchen neat and tidy, but we just want to emphasize its importance to you. It’s easy to forget about something we can’t visibly see. You might be missing debris of eggshells and fruit peels, and if you don’t find them before you leave, ants and flies will. 

Coming home in a house with an awful smell isn’t the first thing you want to welcome you. Make sure to flush it with white vinegar and water, and let it run for a few seconds for good measure. 

hand holding electric plug isolated from a white background. conUnplug small electronics

Why would you let the meter run when no one is there to use it? Forgetting to unplug your coffee maker might be something so menial. However, it does add up your electricity bill at the end of the month. Double-checking for unplug appliances alleviates your anxiety knowing your home is safe.



Adjust the water heater

While it’s not recommended to turn off your home’s water heater, there’s a feature dedicated to a vacation mode for newer models. If your heater has that feature, then turn the mode on. However, if you’re using the older models, tone down the temperature to save energy. Check the manual for reference.

Toilet water

Prevent standing water in your toilet by adding half a cup of chlorine to the bowl, it does well to prevent the ring that happens from standing toilet water.

Turn lights on

To prepare your home, leaving lights on prevents robbers from breaking in at night as they believe there are people inside. Or because it makes them visible when breaking in. However, this isn’t the best solution.

It’s more practical to invest in lights with a timer. While you can always ask someone to do it on a daily basis when you’re gone, a timer is a surefire way to get the job done. 

Double-check irrigation 

Just like with the lights, you can have your irrigation on a timer. Make sure to run irrigation thoroughly before leaving in the morning, and take a look around to ensure you’re not missing on leaks. 

If you’re going to be away for a long period of time, hire a gardener for regular maintenance. It’s better to coordinate with one while you’re still in town, communication is hard when overseas.

Mute the ringer

If you’re renting in a close-quartered apartment or condo complex, don’t forget to put your ringer on mute. It gets annoying for people living close by, and people will know you aren’t home.

Faucet CheckPrepare Your Home Before A Vacation

There’s nothing worse than a dripping faucet. Although these may be small occurrences, you’re wasting water when left unattended for a week. Save off the water bill by checking the faucets before leaving.


We’re talking about high-tech apps where you can see your home real-time through your phone. Apps are available for monitoring on the internet. 

In fact, you can turn an old iPhone into a practical security camera when you’re out of town. The app gives you a notification when it detects movements. 

Keep a clean and tidy kitchen

Gunk and unnoticed food debris are a problem for people on long vacations. Check each plate if it’s free from any grease and mess, there are times where they can be stubborn to remove. Use a powerful detergent if you’re in a hurry, and there’s nothing wrong with running your dishes a few times before leaving. 

Prepare a welcoming message

There’s nothing wrong about welcoming yourself. In fact, having a small reminder the moment you step foot on your doorstep that your home gives you a warm, welcoming feeling. 

 Print the text “There’s no place like home” on a canvas and hang it on your living room wall. Expressed In Print provides quality text, tailor-made to fit your taste, it’s the best way to prepare your home for when you get back.

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