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10 Small Bedroom Ideas For Your Apartment

Announcement to all small space dwellers, we’re about to amp up your bedroom style! Having a small bedroom isn’t a problem, but having limited creativity is.

If you think it’s impossible to work your creative magic in a restricted space, we’ll show you how you can turn your small bedroom apartment into your dream room. 

For the most part, bedrooms are meant for resting and recharging. Therefore, there’s no need to invest in a bigger space. A small space is more than enough to give you a good night’s sleep. 

Here are smart bedroom ideas you can use today:

White bedroomBright and light colors

Colors have a huge impact on your room, it can either make your room look spacious or cramped. Using white colors for your room is a practical choice as it brightens up the area.

If you don’t want your space to be too plain, you can always add a variety of textures to go with your white-themed bedroom to make it more artistic.

Bed placement 

10 Small Bedroom Ideas For Your Apartment 1You need to maximize your bedroom space as much as possible, and one of the best ways to do it is by pushing the bed into the corner of the room.  What’s more, it gives you a cozier feel. If it gives you a college dorm feel, you can put two headboard corners to give your room a creative twist.

Use Thin Bed Frame

10 Small Bedroom Ideas For Your Apartment 2

When you’re low on real estate, every inch matters. It’s time to say goodbye to beds that sport a footboard style. Purchase a simple headboard to complete your bed’s appearance. You can always choose a Hollywood-style frame, so you can express your creativity in the space above,  and you can throw in a headboard as well.

Welcome Minimalism

10 Small Bedroom Ideas For Your Apartment 3

Embracing minimalism into your home means leaving unnecessary furniture pieces behind. The only thing you truly need in your bedroom is the bed, securing it comes first. Utilize modern built-ins, so you can use it for extra storage. Built-ins are a smart move to conceal items in your room, making it look cleaner and organized. 

Use  Mirrors

10 Small Bedroom Ideas For Your Apartment 4

Mirrors create an illusion that makes your room appear bigger. Position the mirror to reflect window light, giving your room natural light. Purchase a body-length mirror and put it up against the wall, you don’t have to drill the holes. Just make sure it isn’t easily movable to prevent accidents.

Under-bed storage

10 Small Bedroom Ideas For Your Apartment 5

If you’re planning to buy a new bed for your apartment move, choose a bed that gives you drawers underneath it. Or you can use bins and creative baskets to store your items while keeping style and design.

Station vertically


If you have high ceilings, you can add a platform on your bed or a nifty seating beneath. This option isn’t for everyone, but if you’re really short on space, and don’t mind climbing up to sleep, it’s a great way to maximize space.


10 Small Bedroom Ideas For Your Apartment 6Wallpapers are life-savers, they’re cheap, convenient, and creative. It can liven up your room in the most accessible way possible. Room wallpapers prove that you don’t need to have a dull room just because the real estate is low. You can put a bold wallpaper to the bed’s headboard to emphasize your room’s creativeness. While it’s true there is a wallpaper that makes your room appear small and messy, but finding the right style is a game-changer.

Pro Tip: When you’re choosing wallpapers, go for large-scale pattern designs, and not an unruly pattern. Always keep style consistency in mind, make sure your wallpaper compliments your bedding and small pieces of furniture. 

10 Small Bedroom Ideas For Your Apartment 7Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are super useful for small bedroom ideas, it does not take away floor space, and it adds are value to your room. These floating shelves are perfect for nightstand, bookcase, and laptop shelve replacement.

Custom-made Canvas

10 Small Bedroom Ideas For Your Apartment 8There’s nothing better than having a personalized canvas displayed on your bedroom wall. Put something that expresses who you are and what motives you. Do you have any inspirational quotes that help you go through the day? Print it on the text and hang it on your wall. Expressed In Prints allows you to create fun text and pictures you can use to decorate your room. Our designers make sure it compliments your bedroom theme, adding a unique twist to the design.

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