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10 Thoughtful Gifts for Nurses

Nurses play a crucial role in society, and if you know someone who works for over forty hours a week, one of those people is definitely a nurse. If your friends with one, you might be thinking what are thoughtful gifts for nurses?

These are the people who aren’t after the paycheck, but for fulfillment. These hardworking people work from OT after OT, yet you don’t hear any complaints from them. 

You don’t know how much it means for nurses to receive a thoughtful gift from their friends and family brightens up their day. It’s your small way of repaying their service to the community. 

We’ve thought of 20 great gifts you can surprise them with – they’ll never expect what’s coming! These are the perfect way to show your appreciation for what they do. 

stainless steel tumblerTumbler

Buy them a heavy-duty tumbler that stores both hot and cold water. It comes in handy when they’re in-between breaks and feels the need for a cup of coffee or a drink of cold water. 

It’s not only a thoughtful gift to give them, but it’s also a practical one as well. They can use it both in and out of work making it an ideal gift.


Lightweight Zip Jacket

Hospitals are cold, especially during the night shift, which makes it uncomfortable for them to work. A lightweight jacket does the trick for these cases, you can get them a medical scrub jacket or a sleek athletic zip jacket to wear. It’s not only useful for work, but it can be worn during trips and on casual days. 

Multi-Pocket Messenger Bag

10 Thoughtful Gifts for Nurses 1

Nurses are always rushing from hallway A to hallway B, saving lives as much as they possibly can. You’ll be surprised by how handy a messenger bag can be for them, it stores all of their essentials in one place as they glide through the hospital floors. 

Do your RN a favor by making sure there are pockets where they can place their medical equipment, laptop, and clipboard. 

Wine Glasses

10 Thoughtful Gifts for Nurses 2

Your RN can’t be just all work, no play, right? Remind them they need to take a break once in a while, whether it may be on their day off or after shift. 

Surprise them with wine glasses, it’ll serve as a reminder that even nurses deserve a drink of wine from to time. It’s a bonus if you can give them a bottle to go with glasses!

Scented Candles

10 Thoughtful Gifts for Nurses 3Scented candles have a calming and therapeutic effect on people, making it a perfect gift for nurses who are always on the go. It’s a way for them to de-stress themselves from work, and it’s also a nice change of scenery as well.

Nurse Laptop Sticker

10 Thoughtful Gifts for Nurses 4
medical center professional team cartoon vector illustration graphic design

These aren’t only for nurses, but for aspiring nurses as well! Students need the motivation to keep on going, and a nifty sticker makes a perfect gift for a reminder. It keeps them focused when they’re in need of a spark to study for their exams. 

Lunch Kit

10 Thoughtful Gifts for Nurses 5
Healthy school lunch box with beef sandwich and fresh vegetables, bottle of water and fruits on white table. Top view. Flat lay

It may not look like that it amounts to much, but a lunch kit comes in really handy. Nurses often overlook their own health because of work demands. 

Give them a lunch kit to remind them packing healthy, homemade food is a must. In addition, surprising them with high-quality kits that are designed to keep food cold helps a lot during long commutes.

Fun First Aid Kit

10 Thoughtful Gifts for Nurses 6Give your RN a first ai

d kit, not just the standard first aid kit though (they probably have a number of those already) but a themed kit that you made on your own. 

To be more precise, a hangover emergency kit! Stock the kit with pain relievers and bottles of Gatorades. Or you can even make a party emergency kit where you stock it up with lipsticks and nail polish for women. And wax and perfume for men. 

alarm clock for nursesAlarm Clock

While an alarm clock is definitely a weird choice of a gift in this day and age, it still works! Nurses have erratic schedules, such as having early shifts and graveyard stays. An old-fashioned alarm clock does a better job of waking up your RN than a smartphone. Besides, there are probably times where they forget to charge the phone and end up sleeping through their shift. You can get them one of those clocks that have smartphone charging ports and speakers. 

Giant Check 

Yup, you heard that right – an oversized check. Expressed In Print allows you to print a giant check for your RN to give them a mind-blowing surprise. 

If you’re planning to give them money as a gift for their birthdays, why not make it EXTRA big? You’re free to customize the text of the check to make it more personal. It’s an unexpected gift surprise that’ll leave them laughing for the rest of their life. 

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